Supersoil Transplant – Trinity Genetics

3 Cannabis plants in supersoil pots

Genetics: Trinity Genetics
Strain: Lemon-ups& Maple-cookies
Lights: phlizon 600w – Mars Hydro sp250 – Ts600
Soil: SkyBuds Supersoil

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The Trinity Genetics have been vegging for around a month. With that amount of time, they are about the perfect size to transplant and flip to flower in the 20-gallon pots.

Roots from the autoflower were packed so tight I had thought the best idea was to place it in the middle of the 20-gallon. However, the idea was not to disrupt the ecosystem of the 7-gallon more so giving it more space to expand. I know when placing it in the 20-gallon pot, cutting the 7-gallon pot apart was the best idea. However, I must say this was not a very cost-effective way of doing it. You can buy rip away pots that have velcro to make transplanting an easy process.

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Supersoil Transplanting

During the transplanting, I added myke to the bottom holes to add mycorrhizae to help the root system. MYCORRHIZAE is fungi that are essential to the root system of all most all plants on the planet. This fungus helps to promote and keep a healthy root system.

I added myke to the lemon-ups and maple cookies during the placement of the seeding when placed into the 1-gallon pots. I never added myke to the number 2 plants and didn’t notice much difference for seedlings was noticed.

After all 3 plants got a successfull supersoil transplant they got a nice top dressing of EWC ( Earth Worm Castings). These EWC are packed with micro beasty to help kick start and give a nice nutrient boost. The mulch that was used if dried old cannabis fan leaves. This is one of the best ways to reuse the leaves and provide cover for micro life

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